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Hijri / Gregorian Date Converter

Easy tool to convert any dates between Hijri and Gregorian calendars. Convert your special moment or Islamic events From Hijri to Gregorian, or vice versa.


Hijri/ Islamic Calendar

Starting from the beginning of 1 Muharram in the Hijri calendar

Starting from the beginning of 1 January in the Gregorian calendar

Free Printable Hijri Calendar

We provide free printable hijri or islamic calendars with multiple style of design. Both monthly and yearly calendars are available here. You can print and download any of the formats and share with others. Even add notes and customize it the way you want.

ramadan is your ultimate destination for accurate Hijri dates, customizable hijri calendars, and Islamic holidays.

With our comprehensive tools and resources, you can stay connected to the Islamic lunar calendar and enrich your spiritual journey.